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Here at U-STOR-ALL, security is our number one priority. We have invested in the latest technologies to keep your belongings safe while they are stored with us. We have fully fenced facilities that are brightly lit from dusk to dawn. We also feature electronic gate systems that allow customers 24 hour access using a unique assigned code. We also feature monitored video surveillance that we view on-site and remotely using smart phone and internet based technologies.

Once you rent the unit, it is up to you to secure the unit with a good lock.  Using a high security lock is also an important part of keeping your belongings safe. When choosing a padlock it is important to know that an inexpensive lock will generally be made from poor quality materials and a shell casing made from soft metal. A good quality lock will have a hardened steel shackle, that has a double lock at both the toe and heel of the padlock. A good lock will have a 5-pin tumbler and a thick shackle. The shell casing of the lock will also be made of a hard brass metal or stainless steel. We have several high security locks available for purchase. Ask the manager for details. We have several high security locks available for purchase. Ask the manager for details.

If you need to move after dark, you will find our facilities are up to the task. With brightly lit driveways, and lights inside most units, you may forget it’s night time at all. Proper lighting is also a great deterrent of crime.

All of these security features add up to ensure you have peace of mind while you store with us. No facility can guarantee 100% security, but comprehensive security can help differentiate self-storage facilities, and help you select a provider you can trust. When a facility puts an emphasis on security, you can have peace of mind that your belongings are secure, and that you personally will be safe when visiting your unit.

If you need boxes or tape for your move, check out our selection of moving supplies.