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Moving Supplies

Supplies for Your Move

We strive to make your moving process as easy and convenient as possible. That’s why we carry a wide selection of inventory items for your moving needs. From boxes, mattress and chair covers, bubble wrap, glass and dish packs, tape and more, we’re your one-stop moving partner.

Utilizing your space effectively starts with choosing the right size unit, but it is equally important to get the right size boxes. Using boxes that have the same dimensions will allow you to stack them and utilize the vertical space in the unit. Using smaller boxes will ensure you don’t overpack a box to the point where it is difficult to carry. It will also be less likely to crush other boxes when stacked. Properly packed and taped boxes will help protect your items from the elements, and will make your move much easier.

Due to the humidity in the Midwest, there are times that the concrete floors will sweat as the weather changes. That’s why we provide pallets free of charge to our customers. Keeping fabric and boxes off the floor will allow for adequate airflow and keep them from absorbing moisture.

We also have complimentary push carts available to assist you in your move.

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