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Climate Control

Climate control is a feature that helps protect your stored belongings from the extremes of temperature and humidity. Climate control units are well insulated from the elements as we attempt to maintain a steady temperature between 50 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit by using both central air conditioning and heat.

In the Midwest location like ours, temperatures can drop to extremes, such as below zero during the winter and more than 100 F in the summer. In addition, extreme humidity can create moisture-related problems. Air conditioning helps keep the relative humidity controlled to protect your stored goods. We also utilize dehumidifiers for the humid days that are too cool for the air conditioners to be turned on.

Maintaining a Controlled Environment Can Help Prevent:

  • Mold, Mildew and Bacteria
  • Rust, Yellowing and Corrosion
  • Warping, Cracking and Splitting

Climate control buildings are built to higher standards than conventional buildings. Our climate control buildings feature insulated walls and ceilings, and are better sealed to keep the harsh temperatures outside. This type of building provides increased protection from dust, dirt and moisture.

Examples of items you should consider storing in Climate Control include:

  • Couches
  • Mattresses
  • Home Electronics
  • Business Records
  • Clothing
  • Painting & Fine Art
  • Photos
  • Leather
  • Vinyl
  • Wood Furniture

Keep in mind, if you will be accessing your unit regularly, you may consider getting a slightly bigger unit to make it easier to navigate and access your items. Having your goods in climate control will also keep you more comfortable while you are adding, removing or reorganizing.

In addition to our climate controlled units, we also offer you top of the line security measures